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Experiment #2049th July, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Last August, I starting building a startup called CarrierWave.

For about 3 months I was working on it full time. Then I lost some steam and started looking into other things.

But recently there’s been more interest in it, nothing major, but a few people wanted to try it out. So I figured I should fix up a few things and maybe I can increase the MRR.

Right now MRR is at $200/mo, I’d like to try to get it up to $1K/mo.

So I decided to spend a few experiments looking at adding some new features to it.

One thing I wanted to add is a search input in the navbar with auto complete. I found a pretty nice Svelte component simple-svelte-autocomplete which does everything I need.

So I went thru and figured out how to make it work with tailwind, sync the results with a remote API. Below is the code.




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