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Baseball pitch speed

Experiment #15425th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

This one is a totally random one.

I was imagining an AR/VR simulator for training baseball players by pitching faster balls than they would see in real life.

Currently, the fastest fastest pitcher in basball is Aroldis Chapman who can pitch at 105mph. But with a simulator there’s no limit on pitch speed, it could send pitches at 200mph, which would make 105mph feel like little league.

There probably is a limit to human reaction speed, I’ve read it is 250ms. A baseball at 100mph arrives in 400ms, leaving only 150ms for decision. But maybe a simulator can strengthen the decisioning in that time.

This experiment is a naive implementation of the physics of pitching in 2D.





  • This does not account for release point. A pitcher with longer arms has a release point that is closer to the plate. ie pitch-distance = distance-between-plate-and-mound - release.
  • Does not account for easing or movement. Pitch is unlikely linear, the friction in air is slowing it down, and the spin will cause movement.
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