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Calendar date range picker

Experiment #21820th July, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

After my last experiment with readable date ranges, I set out to create a calendar view for selecting date ranges.

I based it off what AirBnB does for choosing dates. It also makes use of the excellent date-fns package which made the date math a lot less painful.

Month component

Once you know the first day of the month, you can interate through all the days in the month display it with a CSS grid:

  import { createEventDispatcher } from 'svelte'
  import { getDay, getDaysInMonth, add } from 'date-fns'

  export let year, month

  const dispatch = createEventDispatcher()

  let dates = []

  // reactive statements, in case `year` or `month` change
  $: firstOfMonth = new Date(year, month, 1)

  $: {
    dates =  []

    for (let i=0;i<getDaysInMonth(firstOfMonth); i++) {
      const date = add(firstOfMonth, {days: i})

  function select(date) {
    dispatch('select', date)
<div class="month">
  <div class="heading">Sunday</div>
  <div class="heading">Monday</div>
  <div class="heading">Tuesday</div>
  <div class="heading">Wednesday</div>
  <div class="heading">Thursday</div>
  <div class="heading">Friday</div>
  <div class="heading">Saturday</div>

  <!-- create empty tiles for dates from previous months -->
  <!-- if we find the day of week for the first of month, that's the same number of empty cells we need to create -->
  <!-- ie, if the first is a wednesday, DOW=3 (zero based), so we create 3 empty cells -->
  {#each Array(getDay(firstOfMonth)) as _}
    <div class="empty"/>

  <!-- output a button for each day in the month -->
  {#each dates as date, n}
    <button on:click={() => select(date)}>{n}</button>

  .month {
    display: grid;

    /* 7 fractional units */
    grid-template-columns: repeat(7, 1fr)

When the user clicks a cell, it figures out how to update the selection:

  • First time selection: sets selection to a single day. That means setting start and end to the same thing.
  • Second selection: if the selection is prior the start, the selection is extended left, if it’s after the end, it’s extended right.
  • Toggling: clicking on an already selected date (start or end), clears the selection back to a single-date selection.





  • Most of this should be in a dropdown. The dropdown should show the humanized text of the date range (ie “Past 30 days”), and the drop down would show two months at a time. With arrows to move left or right
  • Selecting in the future should have an option to be disabled, because it’s not needed for reports.
  • It when you move over a date, it should update the highlighting based on teh projected selection. Right now it only updates the styles after the selection is made.
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