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Experiment #20613th July, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

For my startup, I want to add some charts and anlytics to the dashboard. This will help people see what’s going on with a quick glance, and then click to expand into a grid view.

Key metrics

Before I go and build the thing, probably a good idea to plan out what metrics are needed.

Note: it’s based on time period (today, last week, etc…)

  • New packages: select count(id) from shipments where created_at between ? and ?
  • Delivery rate: total_delivered / total_shipped
  • Problem shipments: stuck_shipments + damaged_shipments + shipments_returned_to_sender


Carts are broken down by carrier in bar chart format:

  • Activity: A bar chart by day. Each bar is split by new, delivered, returned, stuck, and grouped by carrier (hide in transit events, theres too many).
  • Delivery speed: Shows time it takes for each parcel class to arrive.


Can’t share the Svelte REPL for this because it contains tailwind-ui (paid product).



  • To compute the time each parcel class takes, it will require storing some more data:
    • business days vs calendar days each package took
    • parcel class info (UPS 2-day, USPS First-class mail etc..)
  • Add a date range picker component
  • Build out a backend
  • Add tooltip using hover/touch to bar chart
  • Add “exception” events to reports
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