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Code animation: Property UI components 1

Experiment #13315th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Yesterday I figured out what components I need to make the property grid UI work. Today I started implementing the components.

I implemented some of them:

Section component

  export let title = null

  {#if title}<h4>{title}</h4>{/if}


Fieldset component

Supports vertical and horizontal orientation.

  export let orientation = "vertical"

<div class="container" class:vertical={orientation == 'vertical'} class:horizontal={orientation == 'horizontal'}>

Field component

Supports vertical and horizontal orientation.

  export let label = null
  let forControl = null
  export { forControl as for }
  export let orientation = "vertical"

<div class="field" class:vertical={orientation == 'vertical'} class:horizontal={orientation == 'horizontal'} >
  {#if label}<label for={forControl}>{label}</label>{/if}

TextField component

Supports numbers or text inputs at the moment. Reuses the <Field> component.

  import Field from './Field.svelte'

  export let orientation = 'vertical'
  export let label = null
  export let name
  export let value
  export let type = "text"

  export let min = null
  export let max = null

<Field {label} {orientation} for={name}>
  {#if type == 'text'}
    <input {name} bind:value/>
  {:else if type == 'number'}
    <input {name} bind:value type="number" {min} {max}/>

Organizing it

When there are many components that are used together, it’s nice to be able to import them in one line:

import { Section, Fieldset, TextField } from '$/lib/components/properties'

So I like to define an index file to forward export all the components:

// properties.js
export { default as Section } from './Section.svelte'
export { default as Fieldset } from './Fieldset.svelte'
export { default as Field } from './Field.svelte'
export { default as TextField } from './TextField.svelte'




  • I really really like the approach of writing before working, it always results in clearer and more thought out code that usually works the first time and looks nice.
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