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Code animation: Codemirror data-binding fix

Experiment #15927th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

One way to turn a chore into an experiment is to make the experiment about how much time it takes. Like, can I finish this in 10 minutes?

There 2 dimensions, the work and the time the work takes, both can be experimented with.

So in this experiment, I will integrate a fix I made in #153.


  1. Make fix locally
  2. Test it on a local repo using yarn link
  3. Commit change, and bump npm version
  4. Bump version in gitpod code sandbox and verify
  5. Record video

Target time: 10 minutes.

Update: It took an hour :( had to figure out why dependecies weren’t updating.





  • Bug: Changes to <CodeMirror/>’s language and lineNumbers option doesn’t take effect immediately.
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