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Code animation: Context menu

Experiment #12412th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

To add events the timeline view, a good approach is to use a context menu.

Using the <ContextMenu/> component

To use it you define a <ContextMenu/> and pass it a list of menu items:

  // each menu item has an optional handler and shortcut
  const items = [
    { label: "Option #1", shortcut: "CTRL+1", handler: () => alert("You clicked option #1") },
    { label: "Option #2", shortcut: "CTRL+2", handler: () => alert("You clicked option #2") },

  let contextMenu

<ContextMenu bind:this={contextMenu} {items}/>

And then you can wire up an event handler to on:contextmenu. This could be done on any element or to make it work globally, on the window by using <svelte:window>.

<!-- punt event handling to the <ContextMenu> component -->
<svelte:window on:contextmenu={contextMenu.show}/>





  • Alternatively, it could be implemented as an action.
  • It should handle placement better. It can’t assume there is always space under the click point. For example, if opened near the bottom of the back, the menu position should use bottom: event.pageY instead of top: event.pageY
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