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Visually extract CSS variables

Experiment #4514th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Last week I built a VIM plugin to extract CSS vars.

Today I experimented with expanding that idea into a visual tool.

The idea is that you would copy and paste your stylesheet into the tool, and it parses it and let’s you select which parts should be turned into vars.

It can event be taken further:

  • If a value red is being extracted to a var, it could replace all CSS properties that use red with new var.
  • If the var is renamed, it could rename it everywhere.
  • Would make it easy to setup vars that change based on different breakpoints.
  • It could find the most used property values. ie if you used 1px a ton of times, it could suggest it be a var.
  • Could be changed to run as a desktop app. With access to the filesystem, it ould edit all the css files in a project at once, add show how it would look under different viewpoint/breakpoint sizes.




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