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Delivery estimates: alarms

Experiment #8728th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

When a package is an expedited parcel (ie overnight, 2-day, etc), the warehouse cannot miss the carrier pickup or it will result in an unhappy customer. It would be nice to raise an alarm via e-mail when the system detects a package is about to miss the pickup.

It turns out the database schema I built contains much of the data needed to make that work. It already knows the operating & holiday schedule for both the warehouse and the carrier.

Finding unfulfilled orders

If an orders table is added to the mix:

create table orders (
  id serial primary key,
  account_id bigint references accounts not null,
  number varchar not null,
  source varchar not null,
  status varchar not null,
  payment_status varchar not null,
  fulfillment_status varchar not null,
  fulfill_by timestamp with time zone not null

The order data could be pulled from the cart system and then queried to find which orders are still unfulfilled:

select * from orders
  where fulfillment_status = 'unfulfilled' and fulfill_by < now()

Computing the threshold

The tricky part is computing the fulfill_by timestamp.

It’s a combination of:

  • Business date: the business date of the order depends on the warehouse cutoff time. All orders past the cutoff moves to the next business date.
  • Operating schedule: when an order is placed past the cutoff time, or on a date when the warehouse is closed, the date slides to next open calendar day.
  • Holiday schedule: similar to operating schedule rules, the holiday schedule of the carrier and warehouse need to be verified.
  • Packing time: the system need to factor in how long it takes to pack an item (as a global setting). eg, if the packing time is 1 hour, and the carrier pickup time is 3PM, then the alarm should sound at 2PM (1 hour before pickup)
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