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Experimenting in Public

Experiment #127th February, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

The first experiment is this site, ie. experimenting in public.


It’s been a few months now since I’ve developed the habit of doing 3 daily tech experiments. I chose 3, because it comes out to 1,095 per year, which is roughly 1,000 per year, even if I take a couple days off.

Why experiment?

Experimenting means removing outcomes from the equation. When you do an experiment, you accept at the outset that it may not work. That removes the friction you’d feel if you cared about the outcome. In fact, a bad outcome is just as useful as a good outcome, because it still provides a direction for your next move.

Why publish?

I’ve always kept a TODO list of ideas, but I never summarized the experiment after I did it. Cataloging them would make it possible to do a review and see if any connections emerge.

I can’t promise this turns into anything, but let’s see what happens?

- Josh

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