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Git-based e-commerce backend

Experiment #4715th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

You can take any SaaS idea and make a developer specific version. Stripe famously did this for payments, ie “Payments for Developers”.

Lately I’ve thinking about what “E-commerce for developers” would look like. One approach is to use a git based workflow.

That means editing product data in your favorite editor, reviewing the settings changes through a PR, and deploying to production with git push.

It enables a very flexible data model. If you need another attribute, just add it to your .yml file. No big ceremony. Want to clone a site? Just fork the repo. Want to A/B test multiple e-commerce ideas? Generate the .yml with different options.

It would work well for sites that have a small number of products, which is usually the situation most devs are in, ie selling a book or a course.



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