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Experiment #1034th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

The nice thing about small experiments is it provides a freedom to try things, even when you don’t think it would work.

Take ads for example, I’ve never liked them, never used them for anything. But is it worth an experiment?

For sure.


I decided to set up a Google Ads campaign for my SaaS. I did a little research in keywords using ahrefs.

It was a little tricky to settle on keywords because my app helps merchants do 2 things:

  1. Monitor their fulfilment and delivery.
  2. File claims for carrier mistakes.

The challenge with targeting google searches around keywords like “tracking packages” is that most searches for those terms are done by customers, not merchants. So I settled on using keywords for claims feature for now, since it’s usually merchants filing claims.

The keywords I used: fedex claim, late package claim, lost package claim, ups claim, usps claim

Curious to see if it does anything.


It did nothing. It brought traffic, but they didn’t engage.

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