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IdP: Closing accounts

Experiment #22512th June, 2022by Joshua Nussbaum

In the last experiment, I integrated the Stripe billing portal and realized it can handle the subscription canceling flow and result in closing the account in the IdP.

So all that’s left to do:

  • Handle the customer.subscription.deleted webhook.
  • Update the account paymentStatus, cancelAt, canceledAt, and closedAt. Here’s an explanation of the fields:
    • cancelAt is the timestamp the subscription is expected to cancel.
    • canceledAt is the timestamp when the cancelation request was submitted.
    • closedAt is the timestamp when the subscription stopped being active. Only set once the subscription is over.
  • Revoke tokens for all account members.
  • Block signin for members of closed accounts.




  • Unfourtunately the canelation_reason is not availabe via Stripe’s API, but it is available with Stripe Sigma
  • Need to send webhooks when account is closed or token revoked.
  • Get a better understanding of the expired token, how is the access token effected? Will it keep work for 15 minutes?
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