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IdP: Docs first

Experiment #23121st June, 2022by Joshua Nussbaum

For developer tools, the best marketing is the docs.

Just show them how it’s easier, how it saves them time.

Working backwards

Docs-driven development is a way to ensure the target is clear and coherant before beginning implementation.

It’s describing the desired end-result, and working backwards. Just like Amazon does by writing PR statements before creating a product.

Bye bye landing page

So I decided instead of investing time into a landing page, I’ll put my energy into a docs site first.

It will take some time to fill it out, but this is the plan so far:


├── api.md
├── billing.md
├── cli.md
├── configuration.md
├── index.md
├── strategies
│   ├── index.md
│   ├── oauth.md
│   ├── passwordless.md
│   ├── passwords.md
│   └── sso.md
└── webhooks.md

I will try to open-source it as early as possible.

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