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IdP: Update

Experiment #22716th June, 2022by Joshua Nussbaum

There are a few more features I’d like to prototype before starting a full build:

  • Magic Links: Passwordless logins
  • Traditional logins: Logins with passwords and forms
  • Single Sign On (SSO): With SAML or Open ID Connect (OIDC)
  • OAuth provider: The IdP can act as an OAuth provider, not just a consumer.
  • MFA: Multi-factor authentication. via SMS/E-mail.
  • API: Ability to access all resources via REST
  • CLI: Command-line program to perform setup and access API from terminal
  • Dashboard: A UI for editing the config
  • Layering: Research if it’s possible to use a second instance of the IdP to manage the tenants. ie it runs on top of itself.
  • Deployment: Test deployment with cloud functions, node, and docker.

Can launch a version without many of these features, but I’d like to investigate them a little to understand how hard they will be to accomplish.

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