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IVR Server

Experiment #9731st March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Decided to look into whether I could build an IVR system that could handle calls for me.

I started putting together an app with Twilio.


const express = require('express')
const twilio = require('twilio')
const VoiceResponse = twilio.twiml.VoiceResponse
const bodyParser = require('body-parser')

const app = express()


app.post('/start', (request, response) => {
  const twiml = new VoiceResponse()

  twiml.say({voice: 'alice'}, "Thank you for calling Josh!")
  twiml.say('If you are a telemarketer or selling a product, press 1. If you would like to schedule a call, press 2. If you have a scheduled call, or the matter is urgent, press 3.')

  // Render the response as XML in reply to the webhook request
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