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App for organizing new products

Experiment #6019th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

As more and more of e-commerce becomes systematized, the oppurtunities to systemitize move outwards. The cart has become a solved problem, but there are many problems around e-commerce that still need solving.

It’s just a matter of finding where people spend time, and making those areas easier.

One place I’ve been thinking about is around product creation. Making it easier to add a new product to the catalog.

Most e-commerce solutions assume creating a product is a single event, and they model it as one screen. In reality it’s a process that can has multiple steps and multiple collaborators, each should be tracked and revewied.

For example, we may want to assign a photagrapher with taking photos of multiple products, or we need the social media or advertising folks to prepare for a launch.

So I came up with a high level flowchart of what an app flow can look like:


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