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Newsfeed as a Service Example

Experiment #6922nd March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Based on the newsfeed on a service idea, this is a service for managing an activity feed, providing storage, querying, push notifications, email notifications and read tracking.



Stores activities by POSTing to /activities. Data is stored in memory atm, but would be a database in real life.

curl localhost:3000/activities -H 'content-type: application/json' -d '{"type": "order", "verb": "canceled", "id": 1234, "accountId": 1}'


Activities can be queried via /activities endpoint.

curl localhost:3000/activities | jq

Push notifications

When a new activity is created a push notification is sent web sockets that are connected with the same accountId

const client = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:3000?accountId=1')

client.on('message', message => {
  message = JSON.parse(message)

  if (message.type == 'activity:new') {
    console.log(`new activity: ${message.activity}`)

Email notifications

Not yet implemented

Read tracking

A activity can be marked read via the websocket, and all other clients with the same accountId will be notified.

const client = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:3000?accountId=1')

// marking an activity as read
const message = JSON.stringify({
  type: 'activity:read',
  id: 999 // the activity id

// receiving a notification of activity being marked read
client.on('message', message => {
  message = JSON.parse(message)

  if (message.type == 'activity:read') {
    console.log(`activity is marked read: ${message.activity}`)

Disclaimer: no access tokens or api keys are enforced yet, it’s just an early prototype.




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