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Supabase + SvelteKit + GitPod template

Experiment #14519th April, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

It’s always good to have a template ready with the mix of technologies you use.

The other day I started using GitPod’s svelte-kit template and it’s been pretty handy. I think supabase would be a perfect addition, since the database is remote. So I’m forking svelte-kit-example and adding supabase.

It should also be setup ready to do auth with supabase-ui-svelte.

Setting up the template

First, I forked gitpod-io/sveltekit-example and changed the name to supabase-sveltekit-example:

# clone gitpod-io's repo
gh repo clone gitpod-io/sveltekit-example supabase-sveltekit-example
cd supabase-sveltekit-example

# rename origin to upstream, so we can merge changes
git remote rename origin upstream

# create the repo
gh repo create

# push to github
git push origin main

Then added supabase:

# install supabase template
npx svelte-add joshnuss/svelte-supabase

# convert .js to .ts
mv src/lib/db.js src/lib/db.ts

Configuring the template

Added an example query inside db.ts:

export const products = {
  async all() {
    const { data } = await supabase

    return data

In index.svelte, db.ts is imported and the example query is run inside the load() function:

<script lang="ts" context="module">
  import * as db from '$lib/db'

  export async function load() {
    const products = await db.products.all()

    return {
      props: { products }

<script lang="ts">
  export let products

Adding authentication

Installed supabase-ui-svelte:

npm i -D supabase-ui-svelte

Added a sign-in page:

<!-- src/routes/sign-in.svelte -->
<script lang="ts">
  import Auth from 'supabase-ui-svelte'
  import { supabase } from '$lib/db'

<div class="container">
  <h1>Sign in</h1>

  <Auth supabaseClient={supabase}/>

Then, added a Svelte store to wrap the user data. This way when a user signs in/out all subscribers are notified:

// in db.ts
// ...
import { readable } from 'svelte/store'

// ...

export const user = readable(supabase.auth.user(), set => {
  supabase.auth.onAuthStateChange((event, session) => {
    if (event == 'SIGNED_OUT') {

Then we can use the user store in the index page:

<!-- in src/routes/index.svelte -->
  import { user, auth } from '$lib/db'

{#if $user}
  <p>You are signed in as {$user.email}</p>
  <button on:click={() => auth.signOut()}>Sign out</button>
    <a href="/sign-in">Sign in</a>

NOTE: had some trouble running on gitpod, so I will have to retry this experiment again later.

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  • Should it run supabase locally? That would eliminate the need to setup .env
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