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Migrating to svelte-kit

Experiment #19219th May, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Migrated this project from sapper to svelte-kit.

In the process, I switched to mdsvex.

Bumped into a weird error

One of my posts was titled “google-ads”, when the file “google-ads.md” was downloaded, the ad-blocker chrome extension blocked it and caused all page loads to fail. I ended up fixing it, by renaming the file to “google-a-d-s”, but that took a couple hours to figure out.

Another problem I ran into

One tutorial recommended adding package.json to .vercelignore… bad idea. Vercel failed to build and kept giving me an error “missing package.json in /vercel/path0/package.json”. That took some time to figure out. But simply deleting .vercelignore solved it.

Going forward

It’s all done now! and I’m loving it. Now I have a good base for updating the design in the coming weeks.


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  • Remove markdown, frontmatter npm packages. Use whatever mdsvex uses or import.meta.globEager()
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