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Tooltip action with SVG support

Experiment #20714th July, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

I found this great example from Dana Woodman for adding tooltips with tippy.js and Svelte actions.


I made a few adjustments to it for my use case:

  • SVG compatibility: Want to use this for an SVG change, but with an svg element, accessing the title view accessor, ie node.title, is not possible. Switched it to node.getAttribute('title')/node.setAttribute('title', ...) to fix it
  • Bound content: When content is bound to a variable, for example use:tooltip={{content: someVar}}, when someVar changes, we want to update the underlying tooltip content. This is especially important when using content bound to a DOM element, ie use:tooltip={{content: someDomElement}}, because someDomElement might not be defined when the action is first run.




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