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Experiment #299th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Started thinking about how to integrate some of the code editor experiments.

Since there are many types of animations, I looked into organizing them using the command pattern:

const commands = {
  insert() {
    // ...
  append() {
    // ...
  delete() {
    // ...
  scroll() {
    // ...
  select() {
    // ...
  reset() {
    // ...

And then a timeline definition would look like:

const timeline = {
  code: "initial code here"
  duration: 1000, // How long each step should take. Can be overwritten at step level
  pause: 500, // How long to pause after each step completes.

  // define the steps to execute
  // each step requires a `type` attribute and can have `duration` & `pause` set (optional, defaults to timeline settings).
  // all other attributes are params specific to the command.
  steps: [
    { type: "append", text: "hello" },
    { type: "append", text: " " }
    { type: "append", text: "world!" }

As we move thru the timeline, each command is executed based on the type (insert, append, etc..).

The step has 3 phases:

  • start called at the beginning of the tween
  • tween called repeatedly as the tween progresses
  • end called at the end of the twen

Phases are optional. That mean a command should implement only the phases it cares about.

Here is an example of complex command:

const commands = {
  // declare a command type for `delete`
  delete(editor, step) {
    // the end position
    const end = step.pos

    // the start position if the initial position minus how many chars we're deleting
    const start = step.pos - step.length

    return {
      start() {
        // select the text, and add a CSS class so the user sees what we're about to delete
        editor.select(start, end, {className: 'deleting'})
      end() {
        // replace the selection with an empty string
        // effectively deleing the text
        // set the cursor to the start of deletion

Built the whole thing in a Svelte REPL, clicked Save… and the REPL didn’t save it start called at the beginning start called at the beginning 😭. So I’ll do it again tomorrow.

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