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Delivery estimates: more marketing

Experiment #9029th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

They say that for every day you code, you should spend 4 days marketing. I’ve never come anywhere close that. Doubt if I even do 5%, definitely never 400%.

But I’m going to spend more experiments on marketing because it’s an area I want to improve in.

So following up on the last experiment, where I thought about my distribution options, figured I should spec out a plan for each marketing angle:

Content marketing

A few blog post ideas:

  • How to increase sales with urgency
  • How to reduce e-commerce customer service requests
  • Why urgency works for selling e-commerce

Join ventures

  • Find 5 bloggers
  • Find 5 podcasters
  • Find 5 newletters

Provide 25% to advertise


  • Creating a free starter version with some limitations
    • number of orders
    • free trial


Find 10 companies you can reach out to


  • Setup 3 different ads and test them on Reddit /r/ecommerce, FB, and LinkedIn
  • Look into ads on e-commerce newsletters

Seek advisement

Make a list of 5 people.

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