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Marketing the code animation tool

Experiment #5217th March, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Yesterday I wrote about some marketing ideas I’d like to try.

My first experiment is writing an article that explains how the code animation tool is put together. Since I’m marketing towards developers, it makes a lot of sense to share this way.

Am I giving away all the secrets? You betcha!

My goal is to get more people to use this technique. Many folks can use the technique on their own.

But there may be a small handful of folks that don’t want to code this themselves. For those folks, I mention the landing page at the end of the article.

I think this is the essense of the good type of marketing. Help people, rather than hord the value, share it openly. The transparency is what creates the audience (I hope)

So let’s see if this technique results in anyone signing up to the beta list.

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