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Supabase CMS: Content scheduling

Experiment #18512th May, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Sometimes you want to publish content at a later time. So I built the concept into the CMS data model generator.

Each table has a status field, that can be one of:

  • draft: this is the default state, it means the content is not publicly accessible.
  • published: the content is available to the public.
  • scheduled: the content will be available later. It is not available to the public until the date/time specified in the scheduled_at column has passed. Then it will be marked published.
  • archived: the record no longer available to the public.

Transitioning to published

The way we transition a record from status = 'scheduled' to status = 'published' is via a cron job that runs every 5 minutes.

More info about pg_cron


It took very little code to accomplish:

-- enable pg_cron extension
create extension if not exists pg_cron;

-- check for scheduled posts every 5 minutes
select cron.schedule('publish-scheduled-posts', '*/5 * * * *', $$
  update posts
    set status = 'published', published_at = now()
      where status = 'scheduled' and scheduled_at >= now()

I’ve updated the code here:


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