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Experiment #20814th July, 2021by Joshua Nussbaum

Continuing on the charts for CarrierWave, in the last experiment I figured out how to make tooltips that are based on another HTML element.

In this experiment, I bind the tooltip to an element that shows the breakdown of the element:


Can’t share the complete REPL as it uses tailwind-ui (a paid product).

<!-- BarChart.svelte -->
	import Bar from './Bar.svelte'

	export let data
	export let points

	$: max = Math.max(...data.map(date => Object.values(date.counts).reduce((acc, n) => acc + n, 0)))

	const barWidth = 10

<div class="flex">

	<svg viewBox="0 0 {points*barWidth} {max}" class="my-6" height="200" preserveAspectRatio="xMidYMid meet">
		{#each data as day, index}
			<Bar {day} {index} {barWidth} {max}/>
<!-- Bar.svelte -->
	import { format } from 'date-fns'
	import tooltip from './tooltip'
  import BarSection from './BarSection.svelte'

	export let day
	export let barWidth
	export let index
	export let max

	const colors = {
		shipped: '#5494ca',
		delivered: '#54ca54',
		damaged: '#ff5454',
		returned: '#ffca68',
		stuck: '#f9fcc7'

	let tooltipElement

<div bind:this={tooltipElement}>
	<h3 class="text-lg font-bold">{format(day.date, "LLL do")}</h3>
	<dl class="grid grid-cols-2 my-2">
		{#each Object.entries(day.counts) as [status, count]}
			<dt class="text-right">{count.toLocaleString()}</dt>

<g use:tooltip={{content: tooltipElement, placement: 'left'}} style="transform: translateY({max-(day.counts.delivered+day.counts.shipped+day.counts.damaged+day.counts.stuck+day.counts.returned)}px)">
  <BarSection x={index*barWidth} y=0 width={barWidth-2} height={day.counts.delivered} fill={colors.delivered}/>
  <BarSection x={index*barWidth} y={day.counts.delivered} width={barWidth-2} height={day.counts.shipped} fill={colors.shipped}/>
  <BarSection x={index*barWidth} y={day.counts.delivered+day.counts.shipped} width={barWidth-2} height={day.counts.damaged} fill={colors.damaged}/>
  <BarSection x={index*barWidth} y={day.counts.delivered+day.counts.shipped+day.counts.damaged} width={barWidth-2} height={day.counts.stuck} fill={colors.returned}/>
  <BarSection x={index*barWidth} y={day.counts.delivered+day.counts.shipped+day.counts.damaged+day.counts.stuck} width={barWidth-2} height={day.counts.returned} fill={colors.stuck}/>



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